ok so i’m not gonna lie, this is like my 5th attempt in the past few years that i’ve attempted to start a blog. i’m not all too sure why i want one to be quite honest, but you never know, it might become a thing. i’m also possibly the shitest person i know for keeping diaries etc so i’m not quite too sure how this is going to go. let’s hope better than the last 4 times Β  ???

i’m probably just gonna end up posting my studio work for uni nd cute outfits/clothes i put together/bought but i’m not really sure TBH.

( btw i am 20, i go to art college, nd i spraff a lot of shit as is probably apparent )

feel free to read if you like things arty, a bit messy, and probably very inconsistent.

gonna try my best tho Β  !!

g X

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