i told you i was inconsistent.

hey there,

so my first post was published 3 months ago, good one g ! i am actually feeling very motivated to be good at this now though. ( not garunteeing my writing is going to be amazing, but consistency wise i’m going to try ! )

i’m now on week 3 of my second semester of second year art college. last semester, i’m not going to lie, i was REALLY not feeling it. semester one was fashion orientated, and don’t get me wrong – i love fashion. however, in a fashion and textiles course, the fashion semester is a design semester. and i don’t do design.

i mean i really don’t do it, i don’t.

my brain just does not work that way, i’m a textiles kinda gal. i just want to knit all the time and use the print rooms and embroider things. none of this pattern cutting mallarky.

nuh uh, not about that life.


but anyway, this semester is textiles and i’m enjoying it already. we’ve had a couple of knit workshops learning cool things we can do on the knit machines, but they are the most difficult and fiddly machines i have ever used. we’ve also had a couple of print workshops which i am in love with.

there is literally nothing i find more satisying at uni than mixing up some binder and printing your  design onto cute fabrics  !!! the image above is a sample i made for my “political patterns” project using puff binder ! it’s the first time i have used it and it is sooo pretty in real life !! i can’t wait to experiment with it more and try new designs on cuter fabrics !

the most frustrating thing about going to art college though, i have to say, is not being able to do any projects that you are really excited about and just come up with out of the blue because you don’t have time. i literally have a mental list of all the cool projects i have thought up that are completely irrelevant to my course and i don’t have time for. hopefully one day i’ll get round to them, when i have no college and can just go crazy with my paint/camera/sewing machine.

anyway, lets see how this semester goes

  • g x

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